Bats at the Library - Brian Lies

And if we listen, we will hear some distant voices drawing near— louder, louder, louder still, they coax and pull us in, until ...

This is a cute picture book with rhyming verses about a bunch of bats spending the night at the library. The little bats discover the water fountain and the photocopier, but what makes this book a 2-brainer are the two spreads in the middle, when the little bats are transported into the world of stories and there's a montage of illustrations in the style of classic stories, but with bats in the place of characters. Little Bat in Slumberland, Make Way for Batlings, Peter Cottontail-bat, the Cheshire Bat (with Alice), Winnie the Pooh-bat, The Velveteen Bat, and several others (including a few I couldn't identify—anyone want to help?) all make appearances, and there are a few other jokes scattered throughout, like the bats reading Goodnight Sun. A picture book with lovely illustrations and a love for libraries.

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