The Fog Mound Book 2: Faradawn - Susan Schade & Jon Buller

I re-read Book 1 just before reading Book 2 to remind myself what had happened. They're fairly short books so they're quick to read, and I found that I still enjoyed the switching between prose and graphic novel formats.

This book continues Thelonius' adventures with Olive (the bear from Fog Mound) and Fitzgerald (the porcupine), along with Bill, the scientist they unfroze at the end of the last book. Bill still can't talk much, but he obviously has a plan to take them to Faradawn, where we get a few more answers and a bunch more questions about what exactly happened to the humans and why there are talking animals with opposable thumbs. We do revisit the Untamed Forest and the City of Ruins, where things seem to be getting worse.

I ended up buying the first book when I found it used, and then bought the second one online. I should have gone ahead and gotten the last volume, too, because now I'm eager to find out what happens but I'll have to wait for it. My biggest complaint is that the books go too quickly; I think they're probably about the right pace for younger readers, but they seem to go from conflict to resolution very quickly, and then move on to the next thing. Still, I'll stand by my earlier statement that these would be a good way to get kids interested in reading, either as an introduction to comics or as a transition from comics to novels.

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