The Fog Mound Book 3: Simon's Dream - Susan Schade & Jon Buller

Happy surprise! I actually had ordered a copy of the third and final installment of The Fog Mound series and forgotten about it. It arrived this week and I polished it off yesterday. This volume takes us to the Mattakeunk Institute and there are a slew of new creatures and adventures: Upsilon the wolf-man, evil crabs with robots, flying sofas, and a time machine that may or may not be working. The Dragon Lady and her ratminks are heading toward Fog Mound, and the rest of our intrepid heroes are trying to figure out what really happened to the last humans.

You do finally get questions answered in this volume, but not from Bill (who does eventually get his brain jostled and can speak fully again). Again, I felt like the book was just a little too short for what it was trying to contain. I suppose it's a good length for younger readers, but comics always seem to go faster so I wouldn't have minded something a bit heftier.

Overall, I think the series is a fun experiment in mixing prose and comics. It's an entertaining talking animals post-apocalyptic cautionary tale (though not necessarily a very strong warning against any specific thing), and has some great ideas in it. It's not at the top of my list for "comics I recommend" but is a good starter for the younger set who aren't old enough for Sandman and the like.

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