Kaput & Zösky - Lewis Trondheim with Eric Cartier

I found this at Borders and thought it might be a fun comic that Ridley would also be able to read soon. Also, I'm just very amused by the other stuff by Trondheim that I've read before, and this looked to be in the vein of Mister O, only with incompetent space aliens.

Basically, Kaput and Zösky are two aliens bent on conquering worlds. It's a little bit like Pinky and the Brain but with blasters. Interspersed throughout the book are little one-page wordless comics of "The Cosmonaut," a little human space explorer. It's all quite funny but I wish the book were longer.

Side note: a high schooler I know pointed out, upon seeing this book the other day, that Kaput & Zösky was a cartoon on Nickelodeon a while back and that she'd watched it a lot while growing up. I'll have to go look those up sometime.

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