Superman | Batman: Supergirl - Jeph Loeb et al.

I've generally enjoyed Jeph Loeb's take on the DC Comics universe, mostly Batman and Superman. This one is another in the Batman-Superman series of books, and I guess it's a follow-up to the Public Enemies book I'd read years ago. (I found this one at a library book sale.)

This particular story arc does include various characters and references things that I wasn't familiar with, but for the most part I could at least follow the story. It also includes Jack Kirby's Mr. Miracle and Big Barda, with Darkseid as the main villain. That's a set of characters I always thought was a bit lame, mostly in the names. Scott Free? Apokolips? But, anyway.

This is a re-write of Supergirl's origin story. Originally I guess she was Superman's cousin from Krypton. Then, later on in the DC world she was some sort of ecto-plasmic being. This one makes it questionable: she shows up in what appears to be a Kryptonian spaceship and Superman believes her story while Batman is suspicious. It's about trust and how each of them responds to this new teenager in their lives.

Not as good as Public Enemies or some of the other stuff, but all right. I will say that Supergirl (and several of the other super-powered females that show up in the rest of the book) are ridiculously dressed. I mean, they make a big deal about empowerment and growing up but in the end it's still beautiful women in skimpy clothing.

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