The Meanest Doll in the World - Ann Martin & Laura Godwin, illus. Brian Selznick

She couldn't help whispering to Tiffany. "We're outdoors. Outdoors. I've never, ever been outdoors..."

I'd read The Doll People to Ridley a little while ago and we both enjoyed it, so I got a copy of the sequel. I'd read the first twelve chapters to her, spread out over several days, and she got impatient and finally just finished off the rest. I ended up reading the last third on my own to find out what happened.

The story continues with the Dolls and the Funcrafts, but this time Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft end up in Kate's backpack and go to school. They finally wind up in somebody else's house, where a Princess Mimi doll is wreaking havoc. She wants to be the Queen of All Dolls, and isn't afraid to break the Doll Code of Honor to get her way. It's all very exciting, and we get to meet various new dolls and even Techno-Man, an action figure.

It's an entertaining follow-up and the new characters and locations were a good addition to the storyline. I'll be looking for a copy of the third book, but maybe Ridley will read that one on her own.

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