Mouse Guard: WInter 1152 - David Petersen

"No swordplay?" - Saxon "Don't seek combat, Saxon. Seek resolution." - Celanwe

I enjoyed reading the first Mouse Guard book, but I think I liked the second one even more. After the events of Fall 1152, the mouse colonies are ill-prepared for the winter. Their supplies are low and much of their energy had been spent fighting the enemy within. Various Guard Mice have been dispatched from Lockhaven to the other mouse cities to call for an assembly and ask for supplies.

Most of the story focuses on one particular group of mice that we're now familiar with: Kenzie, Saxon, and Lieam have been joined by Sadie and Celanwe, known only to a few as the legendary Black Axe. Their travels lead them to an encounter with an owl, and a trip through old (but not entirely abandoned) weasel territory deep underground. The artwork is amazing and Petersen is really coming into his own. I love the different architecture (particularly in Darkheather, the weasel's former home). And if you thought the battle with the crabs was impressive in the first book, the owl is much scarier.

I have to admit, now I'm hooked. I see that Petersen is working on a new six-issue mini-series about the Black Axe starting this year, and I'm excited to see it.

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