Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard - Chip Heath and Dan Heath

I requested a copy of Switch to review for GeekDad after seeing a short review of it online somewhere. I'm always trying to change something—my own behavior, my kids' behavior, how much people drive and getting them to recycle, whether people attend the movie theater, how well kids learn in school. Much of what I read inspires me to try to change how things are; Switch actually addresses the problem of making change happen.

I won't put quite as much detail here since it would just be repeating the GeekDad review, but I really loved this book and plan to keep referring to it for tips. It had a lot that reminded me of Malcolm Gladwell's writing, in that it's clear and concise, and makes you wonder why you hadn't thought of that before. But it's also a how-to book, with specific steps and suggestions and even practice exercises.

Definitely a must-read for anyone who wants to make change happen.

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