Powerless - Matthew Cody

There was definitely something a little strange about the kids of Noble's Green.

What's strange about the kids is that they have superpowers. Flight, invisibility, strength, power over electricity. When Daniel moves to Noble's Green, he encounters a couple of these superkids, who reveal their secrets to him after an incident. Nobody is sure where the powers came from, but they do follow certain rules—particularly, that their powers disappear when they turn thirteen, along with their memories of having them.

But they disagree about how this happens: is it just the way the powers work? Do you get to keep your powers if you're simply heroic enough? Or is there something more sinister at work? Daniel, who has no superpowers, decides to do some old-fashioned detective work (he's a fan of Sherlock Holmes), and uncovers some answers about the source of the powers and the reason for their disappearance.

It's a really well-written book, targeted at young adults but still a compelling story for adults too. There were several twists that I didn't expect. The book raises some interesting questions about being saddled with such great power and responsibility as a kid, and the fear of losing it all.

While it's not as great a superhero story as Soon I Will Be Invicible, it's a fun read and worth a look.

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