My Best Friend Is a Wookiee: One Boy's Journey to Find His Place in the Galaxy - Tony Pacitti

I guess I could always plead the Forgotten Amendment, which our forefathers included in the Secret Constitution, which clearly states that any act of Star Wars-related aggression committed against a minor is automatically dismissed if the minor willingly confesses to preferring CGI Yoda to Puppet Yoda.

While I was at Comic-Con this year, I saw an author signing copies of this book and thought, hey, I wonder how this compares to our own GeekDad John Booth's Star Wars memoir? As I got near the end of the line, there was a rep there handing out free copies of the advance reader's copies and asking if I'd like one. Oh, sure.

You can read my full review of the book on GeekDad. In short: I enjoyed parts of it and thought some of it was very clever. It was fun to revisit various pop culture of the 1990s through Pacitti's eyes, although the fact that he's several years younger than me means that it doesn't quite match up to my own experience—he wasn't allowed to see Jurassic Park because he was too young and his mom wouldn't let him.

However, a lot of his humor and language is pretty immature and juvenile, and it doesn't feel like he's really aware of this even now. It seemed like the sort of thing I wrote while I was in high school, and while I'd like to keep it for historical reasons I certainly wouldn't parade it around as good writing now.

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