Cages - Dave McKean

(saw at Border's, and then, to my delight, at the library)
A gorgeous and enormous graphic novel (originally a short series, now published in a single volume) by McKean, who's done a lot of work with Neil Gaiman (most of which I have not read, but plan to now). The story centers around an artist and the many people he encounters, most of whom are slightly off in some respect. McKean uses several different styles of artwork throughout the book (mostly pen and ink, but also collages, photos, paintings, and digital artwork) and makes it look easy. (I tried to imitate his style; it's not.) The book is about art, music, censorship, God, a little bit of magic, and how people relate to each other. Oh, and cages, literal and figurative. When I grow up I want to make something like this.

Fed to jonathan's brain | September 29, 2002