Beating the Street - Peter Lynch

(recommended in Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
Peter Lynch suggests that, with a little thought and effort, an amateur stock-picker can beat most stockbrokers, mutual fund managers, and index funds. He offers several suggestions and "Peter's Principles" (note: not the Peter Principle that says "everyone is promoted to their level of incompetence") on what to do with your money. Keep in mind that this book was written before the whole internet economy came about, although in retrospect investors probably would have done well to stick with his ideas even during those times. Unfortunately, the second half of the book is largely anecdotes about all the companies he invested in during his time at Magellan, and for people like me (who were in elementary school at the time) it makes for pretty boring reading. After all, past performance is no guarantee of future results, right?

Fed to jonathan's brain | October 14, 2002