Concrete: Short Stories 1986-1989; 1990-1995

(first saw Concrete in a comics shop; managed to get these two on interlibrary loan)
Now, here's a comic book I really like. The story and the art are done by a single person (with another person for lettering), which makes it even more impressive. Concrete is Ronald Lithgow, an ex-speechwriter who finds that his brain has been put into a big rock-like body ... by aliens. But instead of a crazy, action-packed, crime-fighting story line, Chadwick has created a contemplative, thoughtful giant. Concrete reminds me a little of the Incredible Hulk or the Thing, but without the bad temper, and a much better brain. These two collections are the "short stories," which usually last only a few pages. I'd be curious to read some more of the full-length comics, if I can find them.

Fed to jonathan's brain | October 14, 2002