Concrete: Think Like a Mountain - Paul Chadwick

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This is a longer story (originally serialized) about Concrete's involvement with Earth First!, a more extreme branch of environmentalists. (Motto: "No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth.") The book includes some pretty in-depth notes about Earth First! and some of the personalities involved, which provides a background to the events of the story. Concrete struggles with the subversive practices of the Earth First!ers, even though he himself is quite an environmentalist, and I can identify with a lot of his thoughts. In a section of narration about the life of loggers, Chadwick writes: "...And most visible, most galling, are the protesters who live in wood houses and eat at wood tables they paid for by working half as hard as loggers." Though I'm not a protester, I certainly express my concerns about waste and consumption—on the other hand, I do have wood furniture, and a good share of books. But at least I use the library extensively, right?

Fed to jonathan's brain | November 14, 2002