The Naked Cartoonist: A New Way to Enhance Your Creativity - Robert Mankoff

(found while unpacking books at Waldenbooks)
Robert Mankoff is the cartoon editor of The New Yorker, and a nutty cartoonist himself. The book is a quick read and an entertaining look at what goes on in the mind of a cartoonist as it happens—much of the book feels like stream-of-consciousness on paper, as Mankoff follows tangents and lets his mind wander wherever it may. There's a good collection of cartoons (by Mankoff and other cartoonists), and Mankoff does a good job selecting cartoons that illustrate the points he's making, or even showing how a concept can evolve and be borrowed from one cartoonist to another. The book purports to teach you how to be creative, but, as most things go, it's one thing to watch somebody doing something, and another to do it yourself. I thought it was worth the read, but probably not something I'd purchase.

Fed to jonathan's brain | November 23, 2002