Complete Concrete - Paul Chadwick

(First collection of longer Concrete stories)
The more I read, the more impressed I am with Chadwick's writing skills and drawing skills. I think it's a shame that a lot of people probably wouldn't read Concrete simply because it is a comic book and they have preconceptions about what subjects can and can't be addressed in this medium. This book covers Concrete's origin, introduces the main characters (Larry Munro, Maureen Vonnegut), and shows Concrete adjusting to this strange new body. The black and white artwork is different from the superhero comics; Chadwick revels in depictions of nature and wildlife, and Concrete sees things that humans don't—not only because of their less sensitive eyes, but perhaps also because of their less interested minds. While I hesitate to recommend books "for everyone," I think this would be a good place to start for somebody who wants to know what's the big deal about "graphic novels."

Fed to jonathan's brain | December 07, 2002