The Art of Gormenghast - Estelle Daniel

(Making of the movie based on the book)
If you haven't seen the movie, then this book isn't really all that interesting; and if you haven't read the original Gormenghast novels (at least the first two), then the movie probably wouldn't interest you, either. But if you have read the books and seen the movies, then this is a good (brief) companion to that. I would guess a lot of the info in the book probably wound up in the DVD if they had any sense; it's about the making of the BBC television miniseries and contains anecdotes, storyboards, reflections from the various cast members, and a bit about Mervyn Peake and the efforts it took to bring his masterpiece to the screen. I enjoyed the book, but it's for a very select audience.

Fed to jonathan's brain | December 09, 2002