Shutterbug Follies - Jason Little

(found in library's slowly growing collection of graphic novels)
What a bizarre little book. One Hour Photo meets Ghost World meets Amelie, maybe. Bee works in a photo lab and sneaks extra prints of bizarre photos, meddles in the affairs of others, and meets some bizarre characters. And, of course, the requisite creepy man. Despite the title and the colorful artwork, it's not a cheery book—if it were a movie, it would most likely be rated R. The contrast between the style and the content is somewhat jarring at times, yet fitting. It's a short book and I was able to finish it in one sitting, and there are little details scattered throughout—I'm sure I missed many on the first go-through. Quite different, both in drawing style and story, from most of the graphic novels I've read lately.

Fed to jonathan's brain | December 10, 2002