Daredevil Visionaries - Kevin Smith et al.

(found at Waldenbooks)
You're probably thinking, hey, he just read that because the movie's coming out soon and everyone's ga-ga for Daredevil for a few weeks. And I'll admit, Daredevil isn't one of my favorite superheroes—I've always thought they made too much of a deal about him being blind, because, well, for all his heightened other senses, he can get around much better than any of us plain ol' sighted folk. The reason I decided to check this one out is that it also happens to be written by Kevin Smith, and I thought it'd be interesting. It was. Faith, deception, and the end of the world—not to mention a blind guy in red tights. Oh, and a bunch of Kevin Smith references thrown in, just for good measure.

Fed to jonathan's brain | February 07, 2003