Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader - Anne Fadiman

(found at Carroll's going-out-of-business sale)
This is a delightful little collection of essays about books and reading, and I'll confess that it has only made me more eager to collect books. Fadiman, a writer for various publications (including The New Yorker, Life, and Harper's), covers such topics as marrying libraries with her husband, being a compulsive proof-reader, the joys of reading aloud, and a weakness for secondhand bookstores. She sprinkles so many references and allusions and anecdotes throughout that I almost feel like a fraud: somebody who pretends to read a lot of books but in reality has to stop and think about the definition of "conscionable." If you love books and reading, you'd enjoy this book.

Fed to jonathan's brain | February 07, 2003