Blood Song: A Silent Ballad - Eric Drooker
I read about this one in an issue of the New York Times Book Review (review available here). It's a purely graphic novel—that is, there are no words or dialogue. The drawings are etched in scratchboard, and then painted with watercolor, mostly in blues and greens with occasional bright touches of color. The story centers on a young woman in some unidentified small village whose life is completely overturned. Without giving away too much of the story, I can say that it's a sort of modernized fable, offering commentary on technology, progress, and contrasting the idyllic world of the village with the busy mess of the city. It seems a bit idealistic; it's a little ironic that Drooker uses so many shades of gray to depict a world which seems so black and white, but I suppose fairy tales and fables take place in a world where good and evil are completely separate.

Fed to jonathan's brain | June 24, 2003