In the Floyd Archives: a Psycho-Bestiary - Sarah Boxer
I heard about this book a long while back on NPR, and finally got around to checking it out. It's a cartoon book about Dr. Floyd, a bird psychiatrist, and his various patients, Mr. Bunnyman, Mr. Wolfman, Rat Ma'am, and Lambskin. I suppose it would be even more entertaining to somebody who was familiar with Freud's patient cases—there are many notes provided in the back for those less schooled in Freudian thought, but it interrupts the flow of the story to flip back and forth. The drawings are very simple and the sessions are brief. Some of the dialogue is hilarious, even for somebody who only has a pop-culture level of understanding of psychiatry. (For instance, Mr. Bunnyman: "I don't need the couch. I'm just hiding." Dr. Floyd: "Aren't we all?")

Fed to jonathan's brain | June 24, 2003