Stray Bullets Volume 2: Somewhere Out West - David Lapham

(Here's my review of Volume 1.)
Some of the characters are on the run, and end up in the town of Seaside: a little tiny place in the middle of the desert with a boardwalk, praying for that earthquake that'll knock California into the sea and put them on a prime piece of real estate. Little bits of brilliance like that are scattered throughout the book. There's another Amy Racecar story, plus more about the lives of characters from the first volume. The characters were more developed in this book, and it was interesting to watch the story unfold. Lapham's black-and-white drawings are well-suited to the storyline, which tends toward noirish.
There's more humor in this one than the last (Lilly Rose, the 5-legged cow, for instance), but it's definitely not for kids.

Fed to jonathan's brain | September 18, 2003