The Wretch Collected Volume One: Everyday Doomsday - Phil Hester

I'd never heard of "The Wretch" before I saw this book at the library, and I still don't know a whole lot about him. The book is a collection of short pieces set in Glass City, where this inky black figure with bandaged arms shows up every so often and rescues people. He doesn't ever talk, and there aren't any origin stories here, but the people of Glass City seem to know who he is (though some are more surprised to discover he's real than others). The stories remind me a little bit of Hellboy, with otherworldly spiritual forces at work, and the drawings are somewhat like those in Jack Staff—black and white, with lots of shadowy pages and solid black areas.

Sorta fun, but I still don't understand who this Wretch guy is, if he has any powers, or why his arms are all bandaged up.

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