Mother, Come Home - Paul Hornschemeier

Another find from the library: I'd never heard of Paul Hornschemeier before reading this one but I'm curious to see more of his work. It has the flavor of Chris Ware, both in style and substance: muted colors, repeated images, tiny simple frames interspersed with larger ones, and a way of twisting time around upon itself that isn't quite foreshadowing. That, and it's beautiful to look at while being fairly depressing.

Hornschemeier's style is a little less precise than Ware's, which sometimes looks computer-drawn, and he switches between a more detailed (not realistic, but stylized realism) style and a simple abstracted style for more fantastic and imagined scenes. The story is about a boy who has lost his mother, and his increasingly distant father.

It's hard to know whether to recommend a book like this: it's beautifully made, well-written and well-drawn, and is an excellent example of comics for grown-ups. But it's such a painful story: when do you read something like this, and how do you respond? Check it out, but consider yourself warned.

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