Go, Dork Go! The Collected Dork Tower, Volume 8 - John Kovalic

I'll have to admit: the cover of this book is what caught my eye at the library, but having read Dork Covenant a while back I knew I had enjoyed Dork Tower. I think Marv Wolfman says it best in his introduction. He talks about how, growing up, he had a little band of dorks that he'd hang out with, but back then there wasn't this term "dorks" and they thought they were the only ones like that. "Now, with the internet, we have proof positive that everyone is a dork. We're all just dorks about different things." And the secret to Dork Tower is that even if you're not exactly like the dorks in the strip, chances are you are dorky about something, and Kovalic's probably got you covered. In the course of this volume he's got: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, role-playing games, Halo 2, low-carb diets, Texas Hold 'Em, the Matrix, blogging, VH1's "I Love the 80s" series, coffee, and compulsive book-buying.

The illustrations are still pretty crudely drawn, but there's only so many Bill Wattersons in the world. If you can't get the book, at least go to and check it out. You may very well see yourself there.

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