Calvin & Hobbes: Weirdos From Another Planet! - Bill Watterson

Ah, Calvin & Hobbes. I have a couple books but hadn't read them in a while, so this week while I was sick and lying in bed a lot and didn't feel up to reading anything too serious, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to catch up on the comics' most imaginative six-year-old. Even after all this time, Calvin & Hobbes still holds up as a great strip. I even get a little more out of it now, being a parent myself.

Watterson really got the perfect mix of drawings and words, and it's amazing how much expression he can get with a few simple strokes of the pen. There are a lot of strips now that are brilliantly funny but not incredibly well-drawn (Dilbert, for instance, or Pearls Before Swine). There aren't a whole lot anymore that are just beautiful to look at, and going back to Little Nemo gives you some beautiful artwork but not too much going on with the dialogue. I wonder what Watterson's up to these days? I guess it must have taken a tremendous amount of effort to keep this up for as long as he did.

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