Fused: Canned Heat - Steve Niles et al.

Another library find: this one bears more than passing resemblance to Paul Chadwick's Concrete (which I've enjoyed), and based on one of the splash pages included in the back I'm guessing they thought of it, too. Mark Haggerty, robotics engineer, gets trapped into a robotic exo-suit and becomes pretty much invincible. Unlike Concrete, however, Mark immediately is thrown into a crazy action sequence involving quasi-governmental agencies, a mad scientist, and lots of military firepower. So, it's not as good as Concrete, but it was a fun read.

Since I read a lot of comics that were originally written a while ago, it's interesting when I come across something that was recently published: this one actually features a conversation between George W. and Dick Cheney. They're only marginally part of the story, but instead of using a generic "Mr. President," this one is actually set in today's world.

The other thing to note is that "Fused" apparently went through a string of artists in the first four issues, with the result that the last chapter of the book looks significantly different from the first few, which look a little more like your standard comic-book fare. The last artist, Ben Templesmith, has a rough, dark, scribbly style that reminds me a little of Dave McKean, though without the photo-montages. It has a different tone, somehow both less realistic and less cartoony at the same time.

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