Sin City: Booze, Broads, & Bullets and
The Big Fat Kill: A Tale from Sin City - Frank Miller

I saw the "Sin City" movie more because I was interested in the way it was made and because it was supposed to be such an accurate translation of Frank Miller's books than because I knew about the books myself. I'd read one other Sin City book a while back but I didn't care for it as much as his Dark Knight Returns. These two books I checked out because they contain several of the stories that were used in the movie: Booze, Broads & Bullets is a series of mostly unconnected stories, and The Big Fat Kill is a continuous plot involving Dwight, Jackie-Boy, and the women of Old Town.

It is pretty amazing to see how closely the movie resembles the comic book; there are many places where a freeze-frame of the movie matches up exactly. But these are ugly stories in an ugly place. Most of the stories do have some brand of justice, with sins getting punished, but often at the hands of other sinners. I suppose that's part of Miller's point: that nobody is truly good in this town.

So, it's definitely not an uplifting collection of tales, but it's easy to see why Frank Miller is one of the giants of comics. The black and white drawings are striking. The writing is not bad; a little dramatic at times, but not too cheesy and (best of all) not riddled with misspellings and poor punctuation. Ah, be grateful for small mercies.

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