Two-Fisted Science - Jim Ottaviani et al.

I'd read Fallout by Ottaviani two years ago and was impressed by the way he was able to tell stories about scientists through comics. This book is similar in tone but it's a collection of short stories rather than one continuous piece. A note on the copyright page states: "Though this is fictionalized science, it's not science fiction. We've imagined some of the details, but the characters existed, and did and said (most of) the things you'll read."

This volume includes bits about Pauli, Galileo, Newton & Liebniz's simultaneous discovery of calculus, a few stories from the World War II/atomic bomb era, and an entire section on Richard Feynman (who is, of course, the most entertaining of the bunch). Again, all of the comics are backed up with notes and source material.

It's good stuff, and a great way to pique your curiosity about science. I keep thinking I should check out some of Richard Feynman's books, but this book may provide that extra bit of motivation.

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