Dave Barry's Money Secrets: Like: Why Is There a Giant Eyeball on the Dollar? - Dave Barry

If you've read any Dave Barry, then you'll know what this book is like. He has an easily recognizable style of humor which hasn't changed much over the past couple decades, which means that if he annoys you he will continue to do so here, but if you find him amusing you'll love this book. Here he tackles the field of money management, which is ripe for jokes, from Suze Orman and Donald Trump to job hunting to the stock market. The chapter on negotiating has a long section on buying a car that's not as funny simply because it's been done so much before, but he does have some very amusing (and often accurate) insights into real estate. One other chapter of note is "A Guide to Tipping," which, a little uncharacteristically, seriously encourages tipping while making fun of difficult customers. Even if you can't stand Dave Barry, if you're a restaurant worker or have been in the past, you'll probably love this chapter.

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