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I just wanted to write a brief note in case anyone was wondering about the lack of book reviews recently. I haven't stopped reading, exactly, but there are a number of different things going on. First, I will be posting about Inkspell soon, since Robyn and I just finished reading that, but I just had the big SE Portland Artwalk and am trying to get all my pictures organized to post them. (And the last few weeks were largely spent getting ready for the artwalk, so I spent less time reading.)

Also, I'd been reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything which is fantastic but was taking me a little longer to read and digest. (Non-fiction tends to do that).

Thirdly, I have cut back significantly on my reading for Lent. I recently started reading through the Bible with a friend of mine, and I decided that I'd use Lent as a time to really spend a bit more time with the Bible reading and cut out some of the others. So far I'm partway through Deuteronomy, and the goal is to finish the entire Bible by Easter (but I think I'm a bit behind). So, for the next almost-40 days, I'm restricting my book reading to: reading to Ridley, reading the Bible, and Robyn's daily bedtime reading. (Mail and magazines, websites, and cereal boxes are still okay, as is looking something up if I have a really good excuse.)

In the meantime, you can look forward to my review of Inkspell, and maybe I'll post about Leo Leoni's Pezzettino, a wonderful little children's book I came across a month ago and never posted about.

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