Catching Up

So, Lent has been over now for about a week, and I thought I'd give a little report of how my book fast went. It really made me realize how much I read throughout the day, often when I'm sitting down to eat. What I discovered was that I didn't always replace that reading time with reading the Bible, usually for feasibility reasons like needing an extra hand to hold it open or highlight passages. I did find that I spent a lot more of my free time with other people, and that was a good (though unplanned) result.

I'm back to reading now, but since I took a vacation last week I'm still getting caught up on mail, errands, and organizing other things, so I still haven't really cracked open many books to speak of yet. I did, however, get a chance to go to Wordstock, a Portland literary festival where I bought several new books. And I've got a few holds that just came in at the library, so there's plenty on my plate.

I'm still reading through the Bible, but my reading partner is taking some time off to read pregnancy books because his wife is due pretty soon. So we didn't make our Easter deadline, but it's been good.

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