Flight: Volume 3 - ed. Kazu Kibuishi

"Flight" is a series of comic books collecting stories from a bunch of different artists. I've seen the older books in stores before, but this one, just out this year, was already at the library. Most comic collections of this sort have a handful of stories that I like and then a bunch that I could do without. That's where this volume surprised me. Not only were almost all the stories well-drawn (no chicken-scratch stick figures here), they captured my imagination and left me wanting more. Some of the artists have other books available, which I'll be looking for in the future.

There's a website preview available, with sample images from each story. My favorite was probably "The Rescue" by Phil Craven about a boy and a monster with a surprising twist. "Beneath the Leaves" by Rad Sechrist was a fun tale about lemmings that seemed like part of a much larger story.

Now that I've read this one, I'm curious about the first two books and will try to find those as well.

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