Shaun of the Dead - Chris Ryall & Zach Howard

Another library find, this is the "official movie adaptation" graphic novel of "Shaun of the Dead," a British romantic comedy/zombie horror movie spoof. When I checked it out, I actually wasn't sure if it was based on the movie or vice versa, but after looking more carefully I discovered it was in fact an adaptation of the movie (which I hadn't seen yet). I've since read the book, and then seen the movie.

The verdict? Well, the concept is classic: people start turning into zombies, but Shaun, a loser whose life is falling aparty, fails to really notice for a while, and then becomes a zombie-fightin' fool. And of course gets the girl. The artwork in the book is excellent: they look somewhat like the actors in the movie, but stylized. However, the book also follows the movie just about exactly. There are a few scenes that get cut, and the dialogue is simplified some, but it's more or less a storyboard for the movie, with even the same angles.

So, if you're a big fan of the movie but you can't always be in front of a TV, maybe the book would be a good tide-me-over. Otherwise, I don't know that it's really necessary to watch the movie AND read the book. One's probably enough, and I'd vote for the movie.

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