True Story Swear to God: Chances are... - Tom Beland

I know I've heard of True Story Swear to God before, and have probably flipped through it at the store. It's one of those books that shows up on lists of graphic novels that aren't your typical fare. This one's autobiographical, an account of how Beland meets Lily, a Puerto Rican journalist, at Disney World, and falls in love.

It's funny, mostly in a "life is funny" or "people say funny things" way. Beland is good at just telling a sweet story about the relationship and capturing certain moments. He's not going for "clever" or "cutting-edge." His sincerity may be a little surprising at first, but I found it refreshing. And, really, it's just a wonderful story about a chance encounter that becomes something much more.

For you hopeless romantics, here's a graphic novel for you.

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