Powers: Psychotic - Brian Michael Bendis & Mike Avon Oeming

Another book in the Powers series, which I found at the library. I like the idea and find the storyline interesting; it's a break from typical superhero comics both in the writing and the illustrations. However, it's also still filled with cliches (corrupt cops, finding out who you really are, flashbacks, police interrogation, leaks to the press) and feels a little, well, adolescent. Particularly when you read the interview with the creators at the back of the book: sometimes they take themselves too seriously, and other times they're just making raunchy jokes.

This storyline is about a guy who sold his power source to a kid who turns up dead, the sort-of return of Retro Girl, and detective Deena Pilgrim starts to discover she's got some odd powers herself.

Not the best, not the worst.

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