Zippy: From Here to Absurdity - Bill Griffith

Beta-Hairpin Zinc Fingers! Beta-Hairpin Zinc Fingers! Beta-Hairpin Zinc Fingers!

This is the Zippy Annual from November 2003 to November 2004. The Zippy collections are a little atypical of comic-strip collections in that they're not organized chronologically, but grouped by category: Zippy & Griffy, Zippy Solo, Zippy & Co., Sunday Color, Dinerama, and Roadside Attractions. Also, instead of collecting all of the strips from the year, it's a selection of them. The bonus, though, is that you get endnotes explaining where things are from: diners, giant muffler men, strange artwork or architecture.

This particular collection leads up to the 2004 elections, so there are quite a few strips about the election (mostly about Bush, with a few about Kerry and some referencing Nader). It's a little more political than usual, but still usually done from an oblique angle and with Zippy's non-sequitur approach.

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