Doctor Cyborg: "Outpatient" - Allan Gross & Mike Oeming

I found this one at the library and recognized the artwork by Oeming (who also illustrates the "Powers" series). Whenever I see a #1 in a series, I like to check it out to see what it's like (since I'm much too late to catch up on, say, X-men). This one's pretty forgettable. Malcolm Syberg (yes, that's his name) is released from a pyschiatric insitute after being treated for "traumatic amnesia." And of course he starts remembering things, like having kids, or maybe being a cyborg. (Syberg=cyborg? Coincidence?) The book is full of stereotypes, flat characters, bad dialogue, and conspiracy clichés. Oh, and re-used drawings (which Oeming does in the "Powers" series, too, and bugs me every time).

The only really funny part is when Syberg ends up in a futuristic society, makes some off-hand remark about the true authorship of Shakespearean plays, and gets sentenced to execution for being a heretic. "I'm sorry, pseudo-science must be wiped out," says the buzz-cut clone in the high-collared futuristic outfit.

But it's really not worth reading the book for those two pages.

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