Gotham Central: In the Line of Duty - Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, Michael Lark

Gotham City is, of course, the home of Batman and thus the various supervillains that he battles. However, usually we hear about Commissioner Gordon with his bat-logo spotlight, and very little else about the police force in Gotham City. This series is about them, about what it's like fighting crime in a place where a routine check might turn out to be Mr. Freeze, and if a case is too difficult there's always a black-clad backup.

I think this is the beginning of the series. Detective Marcus Driver loses his partner to Mr. Freeze early on while investigating a kidnapping, and then the story splits between trying to figure out what Mr. Freeze is up to, and then following up when the kidnapped teenager turns up dead. It's a little bit of Law & Order, a little bit CSI, with just a touch of Batman in the background.

Although it's set in the present day (Jim Gordon has been retired for a while), the illustration style recalls some of the older Batman comics, with Batman himself still in his grey tights and square-looking head. It's a promising start, and I'll probably look for more.

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