Top 10: The Forty-Niners - Alan Moore & Gene Ha

This is the second book I've read related to Alan Moore's "Top 10" series, but I haven't actually read any "Top 10" yet. Smax was a spin-off, and Forty-Niners is a prequel, presumably taking place in the same city but in a alternate-universe version of 1949, after the war.

All the "science heroes" and other folks with extra-human powers have been rounded up and sent to Neopolis, a city meant to be their new home. Of course, that makes for a big mess, what with ex-supervillains and ex-superheroes rubbing elbows (vigilantes aren't allowed). Plus, some of Germany's own mad scientists have been recruited, and it's not clear if all of them have had a change of heart.

Like Smax, this book is also filled with visual references; Neopolis is apparently populated not just with superhumans, but also cartoon characters. The story is okay, the dialogue is a bit stilted.

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