The Maxx - Sam Kieth

I remember seeing drawings of The Maxx back in high school or college, but didn't know anything more about him than he was some big muscle-bound guy in a purple costume with a weird overbite (and no lower jaw, apparently). So when I came across this book, a collection of the first six issues, I checked it out. It turns out The Maxx is really not your typical superhero; in fact, it's a little hard figuring out exactly what he is. He might be a hero who lives in two different planes of existence ... or he might be a delusional homeless guy having fantasies about rescuing his social worker.

The concept is interesting and Kieth plays around with the parallel universes to keep you guessing, but the dialogue isn't so great, and sometimes the storyline is downright confusing. It's hard to tell whose dreams we're in (though, from the appearance of the women in the book, it's probably an adolescent male's). Not spectacular, but curious.

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MTV ran this as a cartoon in the early 90s...I think it started as part of Liquid Television, along with The Head and Aeon Flux, then went to its own series. I've been waiting and waiting for them to release it on DVD...I hope they do someday. The art was pretty good, and I loved the stories.

Posted by: Ann at January 22, 2007 03:14 PM

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