The Adventures of Tintin 5 - Herge

Another 3-in-1 volume, this one containing "Land of Black Gold" and a two-parter, "Destination Moon" and "Explorers on the Moon." "Land of Black Gold" sends Tintin, the Captain (inexplicably) and the bumbling police detectives Thompson and Thomson to investigate some curious petroleum mysteries. Of course, these involve conspiracies and secret plots, blackmailing, and the kidnapping of the Emir's prank-playing son.

The two-part story finds Tintin and the Captain whisked away to Syldavia, where Professor Calculus has been at work building the first manned rocket to the moon. The story was written in 1953-4, a few years before even unmanned lunar landings, so there's a bit of creative license on Herge's part. Still, he throws in a few interesting solutions (a dog spacesuit for Snowy, for one) to get the crew to the moon. Thankfully, the moon is portrayed pretty realistically and they don't find Moonmen or ancient cities there. And, as usual, there are traitors in the midst and plots to steal the rocket technology, foiled at the last minute by Tintin.

Still enjoying the series and looking for more...

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