110Per¢ - Tony Consiglio

Every five or six months they change their look. Which is what keeps them fresh. Y'know, like from camoflauge fatigues to suspenders and facial hair. Some people call them a boy band. The people that attach that terrible stigma to 110Per¢ are uninformed and ignorant.

This is a short little graphic novel I found at the library during my latest browse, and I checked it out with just a cursory glance at the drawings without really looking at the topic. The story, as it turns out, focuses on three friends and members of the "MOFO 110Per¢" (that's "Mature Older Fans Of"). 110Per¢ is, of course, a boy band mostly loved by tweenage girls.

Cathy is an overweight single woman who works at Tel-com and gets picked on by her co-workers. Sasha is an older woman whose crotchety husband can't stand 110Per¢. Gertrude is a mom whose obsession runs so deep that she throws her daughter a 110Per¢-themed birthday party despite the fact that her daughter hates the band.

The story centers around the upcoming 110Per¢ CD-release concert for their third album. All three women want to go, but tickets are hard to get and things fall apart. It's funny but shocking, with a couple R-rated scenes involving some of the other MOFO 110Per¢ members. In one brilliant scene, Cathy stands up at the MOFO meeting and urges everyone to give up this junk and live real lives ... and then realizes she was just daydreaming and sits quietly through the meeting.

Biting and scathing, but not without a few tender moments.

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