Michael Chabon Presents the Amazing Adventures of the Escapist Volume 3 - various writers/artists

Although I didn't really like the first Escapist book but I saw this in the library and decided to give it another shot. My review of this one could probably be much the same with a few minor differences. In this one, they actually managed to get a story from Will "Father of the Graphic Novel" Eisner, the guy that the comic-book world's highest award is named after. He does a short, light-hearted piece in which the Escapist meets the Spirit, but you can't help but feel he's slumming it here.

There were a few comic book artists that I recognized: first-name-only Jason did a cute wordless story, and Paul Grist (of Jack Staff) had an entertaining bit involving hypnosis. Once again, though, the drawings don't feel like Silver Age comics, and the back cover (this time featuring Hellboy and "Seeds of Destruction") is one of the funniest parts of the book. At this point it just feels like the fake history is too obscure to even be entertaining, and if there's anything worse than reading boring history, it's reading boring fake history.

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