Clara & Asha - Eric Rohmann

I found this book at the library and loved the illustrations right away. It's by the same guy who did My Friend Rabbit (a Caldecott-winner with great woodcut-looking pictures but a weird message). The illustrations here are more realistic (or surrealistic) rather than the woodcuts, and tell a story about a little girl and Asha, a friendly giant flying fish. The illustrations remind me a little of David Wiesner, another kid-book favorite of mine.

It's a picture book, so there's not a lot I can say about the plot (since I could put the entire text of the book in a paragraph here), but it's imaginative and sweet. It's either about a girl with a vivid imagination or a very strange world in which giant fish magically swim around in the air. Either way, it makes for a fun bedtime story for my four-year-old.

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