An Awesome Book - Dallas Clayton

Instead they dream of furniture/of buying a new hat/of owning matching silverware/could you imagine that?

I forget how I came across Dallas Clayton but I was immediately enchanted by his little poems and scrawly drawings. He had this book for sale (the bag that says "Isn't it odd how many times you have thought 'I should go to Paris' and how few times you have thought 'I should go to the moon.'" was sold out), and after reading through the book online I decided to buy a copy. Sure, you can read the entire thing online (and you should!) but I liked the idea of sending this guy some money to keep doing what he's doing.

The book itself is about dreaming big, about not imposing limits on your dreams. The illustrations are whimsical and perfect for the poem, which has just enough quirk in it to keep it from becoming a sappy Hallmark card. I feel compelled to point out there's one misplaced apostrophe ("are'nt") and that whatever they used to print the book seems to be high-VOC so you might need to let it air out a little bit before giving it to little ones to flip through.

Whether you buy a copy or not, do yourself a favor and at least read through it online and then ask yourself: what do you dream about now?

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