Igraine the Brave - Cornelia Funke

The great drawbridge squealed horribly when Igraine let it down. Of course, all this magic, but it never even occurred to anyone to oil the chain.

Igraine is not like the rest of her family. Her parents, Sir Lamorak the Wily and the Fair Melisande, and her brother Albert are all magicians. They live in Pimpernel castle, which is protected by all sorts of magical defenses like gargoyles that swallow cannonballs and stone lions that roar. But Igraine wants nothing more than to be a knight. She has a (magical) suit of armor, and sneaks off to neighboring Darkrock castle to ride horses and practice swordplay.

But then Sir Osmund the Greedy shows up, takes over Darkrock, and then comes to attack Pimpernel. He's after the Singing Books of Magic, and unfortunately the parents find themselves ... indisposed. It's up to Igraine and Albert to save the castle and the books.

This book was recommended to me by my friend Erik, and since we've enjoyed several of Funke's other books, I decided to get it to read to Ridley. It's intended for a younger audience than her Inkheart series and isn't quite as heavy or tragic as those books. It skews more towards light-hearted and humorous, even in the battle scenes.

It's a fun story and Ridley (age 5) really enjoyed it, even though there were bits that I'm not sure she was understanding. It will be a fun one when she gets a little older and can read it again herself.

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