Mosquito - Dan James

Mosquito is another book from the Top Shelf Commics purchase I made, and is also wordless, except for the creepy "SANGRE" that starts showing up later in the book. The entire book is done in red and white, and has a sort of woodblock-print look to it, or sometimes a paper cutout look. James makes some interesting use of negative spaces, often leaving out lots of details but showing just enough to figure out what's going on.

A man receives a letter with a map, a photo, and some coins. He says goodbye to his two children and sets off on a journey. Eventually he comes to a bizarre little town, climbs a mountain, and discovers the lair of a vampire-like creature. Oh, and there are mosquitoes.

It's really hard to do the book justice with words; the images are made up of chunky geometric shapes, but still convey the horror of the man's discoveries and the unease he feels while in the town.

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