Fox Bunny Funny - Andy Hartzell

I recently bought a small stack of books from Top Shelf Comics, and have just started reading through them. This is the first. Fox Bunny Funny is a wordless book, about a world of anthropomorphic foxes and bunnies. The foxes, of course, kill and eat the bunnies, sometimes invading Bunnyburg and wreaking havoc.

The plot mostly follows one particular fox who has a soft spot for bunnies; he's sent to a sort of Fox scout camp by his parents in order to learn proper bunny-hunting techniques, but his heart is obviously not in it. The story plays out in three acts, and the conclusion is pretty surprising.

Although the artwork is somewhat cartoony, the bunny-hunting is a bit graphic so it's definitely not for little kids. It's not something I would put at the top of my list, but it's thought-provoking in its way, and a fascinating exercise in expressing emotions without dialogue.

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